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Our service, in comparison to other Live Platforms, is unique, whereas not a lot of equipment is involved and with a touch of a button, we can provide Live Coverage of events to everyone you love, who are unable with you on the day of your event. Whether it is elderly relatives, family overseas or that peace of mind for any last minute emergencies – everyone can be with you at your event.

Your Own Page

A feature of our service is the The Bespoke Page; your very own page that you can share with your viewing-guests. Your page will be bespoke for you with stories of how you met, first dates and more, making your guests feel welcomed into the event.

Record & Keep

We can Record your live streaming, as an optional added feature, and it is Yours to keep forever and no waiting for months to watch it again, as it is available the next day!

Digital Guestbook

Another optional feature to our service is the digital guestbook. All of your viewing-guests can leave you private and personal video messages during or after the live stream service.  These are stored for you privately and you can download and keep them forever.

Happy Couples

Our clients have been very happy with the quality and service that Hercules Entertainment has been able to provide through E-There. Check out all our reviews and our bio on Wedding Wire, The Knot, and on our website. Our Live Streaming Services help our clients share their moments with friends and family, anytime, anywhere.

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